Bottom Loading Furnace
parameters1:Place of Origin: Henan China (Mainland)
parameters2:Brand Name: XINYOO
parameters3:Manufacturers:NanYang XinYu Furnaces Co,. Ltd.
1.Big yield capacity and high productivity
2.PID automatic control
3.Loading from bottom,convenient and easy.

Brief introduction

SL2-1-12TP bottom loading furnace is for high temperature treatment.Furnace chamber size is customizable.The characteristics include: 1) . Big yield capacity and high productivity ,especially used for heating treatment of small or medium products; 2).PID automatic control via current limiting phase anglefired thyristor with 30 steps programmable , to ensure uniform furnace temperature; 3). Loading from bottom ,it is convenient and easy.

Main use: colleges and universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises do roasting, ceramic sintering, high temperature test, quality test.


Detailed parameters


Product model


Working voltage and frequency

220V 50/60HZ
                      Chamber Size 100×100×100mm

Rated power(kW)


Chamber Material

Ceramic Fiber
                   Temperature Control Seperated Control Cabinet

Heating rate

20 Degree

Product features

Cool can rise quickly, furnace temperature field is balanced. Stable temperature control, simple operation, low energy consumption

Heating element

Resistance wire

Commonly used temperature


The highest temperature


Temperature control type

30 period of intelligent process control

Constant temperature precision


Temperature control table

708P intelligent temperature controller

The furnace shell

Double air cooling structure

Furnace chamber

1200 Type imported polycrystalline alumina fiber furnace, reasonable design, durable, heat preservation performance is good, saving energy

Temperature measuring element

K Type double platinum rhodium thermocouple

                Furnace door structure

 door lifting

Main assembly

Asbestos gloves, the crucible tongs, thermocouple, corundum crucible, brick block

Regular furnace size