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Horizontal High Vacuum Brazing Furnace

Horizontal high vacuum brazing furnace is used for the vacuum brazing of materials like non-ferrous metal, stainless steel, titanium alloy, high temperature alloy, cemented carbide, etc.

Technical Features:

1. The vacuum brazing furnaces structure is horizontal, single chamber and loading horizontally.

2. The furnace hearth is designed through modularized optimization with good temperature uniformity performance.

3. The vacuum system inlet is configured with gas condensate steering device and filter collection device, preventing welding vapor polluting the vacuum pump.

4. Unique gauge anti-pollution technology guarantees the long service life of the vacuum gauge.

5. Unique rear insulation technology assures larger radiation area and better insulation performance.

Optional Configuration of Horizontal High Vacuum Brazing Furnace

1. Furnace door type: on-line/off-line, vertically up and down

2. Furnace hearth: Graphite heating elements and graphite felt heat insulation/Molybdenum heating element and metal heat insulation

3. Vacuum pump and gauge: Foreign brand/high-quality Chinese brand


5. Temperature controller: SHIMADEN/EUROTHERM

6. Thermocouple: S type, K type, K type

7. Recorder: Paperless recorder/paper recorder

8. HMI: Simulation screen/Touch screen with industry computer

9. Electric component: high-quality Chinese brand/Schneider/Siemens

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