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Rotary Tube Furnace

Rotary tube furnace is designed upon firing inorganic compound to obtain better consistency and design,especially suitable for the preparation of lithium-ion battery negative material conductive coating.Furnace can be tilted 0-40℃ adjustable,furnace tube can 360℃ rotation,speed adjustable,you can customize the size of the furnace according your needs,can also do dual-zone furnace.

Standard Features:

1.1200℃,1400℃,1600℃ maximum operating temperature.

2.Heating element: Resistance wire,SIC heater,Mosi2 heater.

3.The advanced air-cooled double-layer furnace body structure and the furnace shell are provided with a fan,the temperature is less than 60℃.

4.PID automatic control via SCR(silicon controlled rectifier)power control with phase angle fired,current limiting resistor.

5.30 or 50 segments“time-temperature curve”can be set arbitrarily.

6.Single heating zone and tube diameter can be customization.

7.Furnace tube:310 s stainless steel tube, quartz tube, alumina tube.

Standard Accessories:

Furnace tube 1 piece

Vacuum flange 1set

Tube blockage 2 pieces

O-Ring  4 pieces

Crucible hook 1piece

Thick-walled silicone tube

Vacuum pump 1set

Thermocouple 1 piece

User manual 1 book


Single or multi heating zones for your choose

Touch Screen control

Mechanical pump

Mixing gas tank

Bellows KF infterfaces

KF fast access.

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