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Vertical Tube Furnace

SK2 series tube furnace for universities,research institutes,industrial and mining enterprises and other patterns and small batch production.Safe and reliable,simple operation,high precision temperature control,good insulation effect,temperature uniformity,and can be evacuated and filled with a variety of protective gas or destructive gas sample is done by rapid quenching and high temperature testing the ideal choice.

SK2 series with a conventional tube furnace hearth furnace and OEM furnace,the heating element has electric resistance wire(1200℃),silicon carbide(1400℃),silicon molybdenum rod(1700℃).You can customize the size of the furnace according to the temperature desired and required.

Standard Features:

1.1200℃,1400℃,1600℃ maximum operating temperature.

2.Heating element: Resistance wire,SIC heater,Mosi2 heater.

3.Double layers forced air cooling structure,the temperature is less than 60℃.

4.PID automatic control via SCR(silicon controlled rectifier)power control with phase angle fired,current limiting resistor.

5.30 or 50 segments“time-temperature curve”can be set arbitrarily.

6.Temperature accuracy: ±1℃

Standard Package:

Furnace tube 1 piece

Vacuum flange 1 set

Tube blockage 1 Pair

O-Ring  4 pieces

Crucible hook 1 piece

Thick-walled silicone tube

Vacuum pump 1set

Thermocouple 1piece

User manual  1 book


Single or multi heating zones for your choose

Touch Screen control

Mechanical pump

Mixing gas tank

Bellows KF infterfaces

KF fast access.

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